Ankle Mobility Exercises: How to improve your ankle mobility?

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We rarely think about it, but the ankles are perhaps the most important joints in the human body for mobility purposes, strengthening them, exercising them and in general in fitness work in this part of the body is vital to acquire a good physical condition and perform activities in and out of the gym.

What are the ankles useful for?

The ankles are extremely useful because they are the joints that join the bones of the upper part of the foot with their "colleagues" of the lower part of the leg and it is for that reason that they allow to have mobility in the foot, to be able to bend them inwards, outwards, to move them up and down and to be able to make slight inclinations to the left and to the right, if they did not exist it would be a completely rigid part of the body.

Dancing, running or even walking is impossible without the ankles, and to prevent exercise and routine activities from causing pain or fatigue it is important to "strengthen the ankles", which really means to strengthen the muscles, tendons and ligaments that surround them, this will generate the necessary resistance to perform all the necessary movements in a more fluid way.

The names of these muscles are the gastrocnemius and soleus which are known as the hamstring muscles, as well as the plantar fascia, strengthen them are almost like insurance to perform virtually all exercises that have to do with mobility.

Importance of not having weak ankles

In order not to have weak ankles, the most important thing is not to have a sedentary life, because that generates deterioration due to lack of use.

Another reason is just the other extreme, the excessive and unbalanced use of these parts of the body, that can generate injuries, among the most common are sprains.

There is also tendinitis as a condition of weak ankles, and is the pain in the joints that occurs when running or even walking and that injury is generated by inflammation or irritation of a tendon.

So now you know, ask at the gym and with specialists the ideal exercises to strengthen the ankles and contribute to live a mobile, healthy and fitness life.

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