Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka will show his true colours if he decides on preposterous move to Liverpool

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Sometimes you don’t realise how much of a good thing you’ve got until it’s gone.

How often do people make decisions on a ‘grass is greener’ basis, only to find that what they had in the first place was perfectly acceptable.

The same applies to professional football players. Those stars who force through moves or make career decisions that are often rooted in financial gain rather than professional development.

That would almost certainly have to be the deduction from Bukayo Saka’s rumoured interest in a move to Liverpool.

“We have reported on The Transfer Window Podcast that Liverpool are looking to the future with regards to the fact that they expect to sell at least two of their attacking players,” Ian McGarry said on The Transfer Window Podcast.

“Saka is someone who is a player who suits Liverpool’s style.

“My understanding is that there have been talks with his representatives with regards to giving him a contract upgrade at Arsenal

“However, Liverpool would provide the opportunity and platform for him to play and compete at the highest level. And that would certainly be something that I’m told he and his representatives are very interested in.”

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The first, and perhaps only question to come off of the back of McGarry’s statement is why Saka and his representatives would feel the need to move to Liverpool at all.

There is nothing that the Reds can offer the player that he doesn’t already have at Arsenal, save for perhaps an uplift in his remuneration.

Saka has earned a regular spot in both the Gunners and the England first XI, is part of a young and hungry side now playing the type of brilliant football for which Arsenal have long been renowned.

He’s from London and his association with Arsenal goes back to when he was seven years of age.

The youngster really would be showing his true colours if he were willing to pass all of that up for the instant gratification that a few extra thousand pounds a week may provide him with.

He’d never be able to show his face in north London again.

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