Heated win for Philadelphia 76ers against Nets with a vengeful Embiid

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Joel Embiid is making the Brooklyn Nets vs Philadelphia 76ers rivalry a lot more exciting with his antics that today angered Kevin Durant. Since hte start of the game, Embiid played like he was on a mission as he seeked revenge for the time Durant made gestures after winning in Philly. As one of the biggest competitors in the NBA, Joel Embiid doesn't easily forget these type of details. In the first quarter alone, the Sixers' star dropped 16 points that made the Nets realize winning would be incredibly difficult. But the Brooklyn team had both Durant and Harden back at their best.

Throughout the entire game, they kept on proving why they are considered all-stars as both of them ended the game with 33 points each. But Joel Embiid was the player who set the tone during the final minutes of the game. He ended with 34 points and by scoring the most important bucket of the game. Just minutes before the final whistle, Embiid wanted to exchange some words with Durant that almost turned into a brawl. All Joel wanted was to get his revenge and making everybody know how petty he can be when beating tough opponents. He clearly yelled at Durant to go home in his own court after winning on the road. The Sixers ended the game with a 110-102 victory in Brooklyn and Kevin Durant ended quite angry at Embiid.

What's next for Nets and 76ers?

With this victory against the Brooklyn Nets, the Philadelphia 76ers win their third straight game. They also won their sixth out of 7 games on the road with Embiid averaging 36+ points in every single one of them. Sixers don't have an impressive record with 19-16 but they are picking up steam right now. As far as the Nets go, tonight's loss meant they moved down to a 20-10 record but they are still one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference. It sure was entertaining watching Embiid finish off the Nets this evening with both Durant and Harden on the court. Next up, Nets face the Clippers on Saturday and the Sixers play the Houston Rockets until Monday.

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