Miami Heat brings back Mario Chalmers on a 10-day contract

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The Miami Heat is taking the route many other NBA teams have taken amid the recent COVID surge by signing back one of their former players. Lakers signed Isaiah Thomas back for a 10-day contract and the Heat did the same with Mario Chalmers. Other players who have done the same are Joe Johnson and Greg Monroe. According to Shams Charania from The Athletic, the veteran point guard is returning for the next ten days to help the Heat in the pending games they have to play over that period of time. Mario hasn't been active since 2018, when he played for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Back in 2008, Chalmers was a second-round pick for the Heat, where he remained for over seven seasons in South Beach. During that time, he was lucky enough to play at the same time in which LeBron James and Dwayne Wade made history by winning two straight championships. In fact, Chalmers was instrumental in the Heat's four straight finals' appearances and won the two back-to-back titles with the team. Those trophies came in 2012 and 2013. Due to these accomlpishments, Chalmers remains in close contact with the Miami Heat franchise.

Which games is Chalmers playing for the Heat?

According to the 10-day contract he just signed, Mario Chalmers will have chances to play against the Houston Rockets, Sacramento Kings, Golden State Warriors, Portland Trail Blazers and Phoenix Suns. Although he may earn himself a longer contract if he does well in these games, chances are he won't due to the overbooking of players currently at the Heat. In hindsight, Chalmers is only pulling a solid to the institution that made him who he is as a professional basketball player.

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